About the show

‘What’s for you won’t pass you.’

Irish Saying

I dreamt into this creation for a long time. Was I waiting for the most auspicious time? I’m not sure but it seems to have arrived at Solstice 2020.

I was particularly inspired by others who had interview me for their podcasts (Maureen Howard’s Eco Living In Action and Finn Wendle’s Regenerative Livelihood.) It seems that even with fairly basic technical skills and equipment I could get going.

Sent out into the multimediaverse, my intention is that some or all of its elements will form their own connections for an audience that also hopes to be a part of the regeneration of life on earth.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

Anaïs Nin

There are 8 threads: Interviews, Story Time, Identity, Well of Being, Eco-System Thinking, Mediations, Ireland the Ancestors, & Hands On.

There are 8 release dates on Celtic seasonal festivals. 

Is started recording on Winter Solstice 2020, ended on Samhain 2021 with the final release completing the circle of the year on Solstice 2021.

Each thread has 8 episodes to make a total of 64 episodes in one rotation of the sun. Woven together to make a web of life. 

In late 2020, while recording and editing by the fireside in our Seanteachín, like a Seanchaí I was trying to tell tales for these times. Perhaps too for the future ones, like those my granddaughter Violet who was born in 2019, will live through, or perhaps if she ever listens, for her they might be tales of long ago.

Inspired and supported by my husband, my children, my granddaughter and my amazing wider family, friends community and interviewees on this podcast.

Sound editing Luke Lacey

Music contributions by Finn Cahn

Cailleach illustration Votive Illustration

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