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Ancestors 7 Cailleach

In the ancestors thread, I am not looking to replicate the vast work by scholars of Ireland, who know a great deal more than me about the many peoples that came to our shores over millenia. I do lean on snippets of their knowledge, as I try to imagine the lived experience of our predecessors through the lens of the resource base and annual cycles. In this episode, I discuss the diversity of diet for forest dwelling hunter gatherers and the change to farming culture. I touch on harvest time exchanges and storing up to prepare for winter, and the accounting or calling to account of another year's growth that evolves with agriculture.
  1. Ancestors 7
  2. Interview 7 with Steve Golemboski-Byrne
  3. Identity 7
  4. Meditation 7
  5. Practical 7
  6. Story 7
  7. Systems 7
  8. Wellbeing 7
  9. Ancestors 6

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Ireland and the Ancestors

Hands on

Guided Meditation


Identity (mine)

Identity 4

In this episode, I talk about our family’s increasing privileges and our move from Dublin to the countryside of Wicklow. I juxtapose the cultural worldviewsContinue reading “Identity 4”

After the Collapses (story)

After the Collapses 7

Jules begins her right of passage on her own, but when she joins the community of women, Rowan is witness to it all and hears a magical story.

After the Collapses

As the two main characters spend time together, after their meeting at the river, their conversation explores their opposing worldviews of technotopia vs a nature spirit based culture. They arrive into the gathering of women as Jules prepares for her young women’s rite of passage. I look back at this story from my present vantageContinue reading “After the Collapses”

After the Collapses 5

Continuing on the edges of real world magic, and how Jules can use ungated awareness to try to heal and connect to Rowen, the story continues.

After the Collapses 4

We go back to the intuitive instincts of our young protagonist Jules as she senses something of Rowan’s journey towards her. I discuss my intention in the development of her character as representing real, rather than Harry Potter, magic in the world for young readers.

After the Collapses 3

This episode explores how resources in the novel’s world are exchanged, and follows Rowan’s journey through new communities of the Isles.

After the collapses 2

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” Arundhati Roy I want to show you that the world I am imagining in the story in terms of solutions is already here. Like Jule’s mother, there are many folk and medical practitioners in IrelandContinue reading “After the collapses 2”

After the collapses

Musings and reading from an unpublished story I wrote in 2010 aimed at children on the cusp of adolescence. It is set a few generations after we make it through multiple systemic global collapses. Two young teens live in a changed Ireland which is now a land of many isles with pockets of regenerated wildContinue reading “After the collapses”

Eco-system thinking

Systems 7

This thread has focused on alternative structures and frameworks to bring about system change, in particular, regenerative systems. In this episode, I explore how aContinue reading “Systems 7”

Systems 6

The episodes in this thread are a kind of recipe of ingredients for a regenerative community-led, just society. In this episode, I discuss the Co-operativeContinue reading “Systems 6”

Well of Being

Wellbeing 6

In each of these episodes in the Wellbeing thread, I’m using thoughts about developmental stages, and the needs that emerge in them, to highlight needsContinue reading “Wellbeing 6”