Practical Skills

How can I do it? What might I want to learn to begin again?

This thread is about hands on know-how. When I was not good academically and clumsy in movement, I began to learn from a young age how to do things. I had my first garden as a tiny child and helped my father build a little wall.

Having learned more skills focused on food, shelter making and crafts,-from welding to spoon making, stone walling to cob building, I share some of the ways to start off with these kinds of practical know how. I share the stories of those I learned along side of as mentors and teachers while also mentoring and teaching.

Along with my husband, children, volunteers, participants and friends we’ve put these skills to use developing our permaculture demonstration site Carraig Dúlra and restoring our old cottage, An Seanteachín.

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