Practical skills in the Spring: compost and seeds

To support your hands on learning have a look through these resources.

Mick Kelly of Grow it Yourself talks about making compost in this blog but also features it in the GIY TV show. However, be aware there are many different opinions about making good compost. So also have a look at no dig master gardener Charles Dowding’s composting video for another perspective on composting. And last but not least are the resources and connections to a network of master composters set up by Stop Food Waste so you might be able to attend a talk or training offered by them in your area.

For a few more tips about seed sowing this article covers pretty much everything. Garden organic in the UK always have great advice and lots of online resources for beginner gardeners. This is their video on seed sowing.

When starting of with whittling and carving with a knive I think watching someone is always helpful. This video goes through the main ways of cutting and how to do so safely. And this article gives some of the different choices when it comes to knives.

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