Systems 8

In the final episode of the system thread, I explain why, for the most part, I have kept politics and specific affiliations out of exploring system alternatives. I attempt to integrate several of the previous episodes in this thread into a vision of empowered community adaptation and innovation that includes all voices and addresses hierarchicalContinue reading “Systems 8”

The Thinking That Made Them – Sensemaking

There are frameworks designed by systems thinkers that can help us understand where we are and navigate an ever-changing context. I discuss two that I have found helpful: The first is David Holgrem’s system diagram for the change between pre-industrial and current systems, where the producers and those with power over resources became increasingly distantContinue reading “The Thinking That Made Them – Sensemaking”

The thinking that made them 3 – Sociocracy

Continuing with an examination of how we could redesign systems for harmony in people and our planet, this episode continues with some of the Permaculture principles, but also introduces Sociocracy.  This is a system of alternative governance and decision making that distributes power and resources across a group or community.

Permaculture principles: new/old thinking

What if we really learned from nature and didn’t work against her? What would that mean for our daily, weekly, monthly, annual and life rhythms. What does this have to do with gardening with nature? The second episode exploring the thinking behind the systems we design gets into the framework of permaculture starting with theContinue reading “Permaculture principles: new/old thinking”

The thinking that made them…

If the thinking that has dominated the design of human systems for the last 100-200 years is what is causing a threat to all life on earth, then it follows we need new thinking. If you don’t know what I mean, or want to read more about the causes of the period of destruction weContinue reading “The thinking that made them…”