Meditation 3 Balance to re-energise

As this meditation is being released at the Spring Equinox it using the theme of renewal and balance. From underneath things can come back to life, energy tapped into for renewal and is inspired by imagining the life of pollinators, birds and Spring flowers. Creating a nest a space for growth and then holding patienceContinue reading “Meditation 3 Balance to re-energise”

A meditation- inner guide

A lot of personal development and support today comes from external guides, therapists, teachers and even gurus. While I do see the reason for sometimes needing support from another person, and I have both availed of and been a therapist, I also believe that we have few spaces to go inward looking for our ownContinue reading “A meditation- inner guide”

Light the Beacon

This thread in the podcast series can be listened to as a kind of guided mediation-observation-connecting-practice and support. This offer is to help with so called inner work, a theme for individuals and many regenerative movements and a call from many indigenous networks to the world. The Global Transition movement often draws on the workContinue reading “Light the Beacon”