From this land 2, Crioch Fuinidh

When exploring ancestors on this land the remnants in language of older cultures are like threads in a tapestry that has become unwoven and if you pull it may come apart altogether. I try to make a new tapestry using what I can from my own experiences, travel, and encounters with people from indigenous cultures.Continue reading “From this land 2, Crioch Fuinidh”

From this land, Crioch Fuinidh

I have lived in √Čriu-Ireland, Crioch Fuinidh (a remote far off place a land on the edge) almost all my life with only a few other years added up in other countries. I hope to share a sense of place and like a personal identity delve into my understanding of an ever fusing culture butContinue reading “From this land, Crioch Fuinidh”