Judith Hoad Interview

I interview Judith Hoad. 80 years old when I spoke to her in her small sunroom attached to a tiny cottage on a Donegal hillside early on a crisp morning a fews years ago. I was just beginning to conceive of starting podcast thinking it would be made up solely of interviews, at that time. Judith had been an inspiration for many years living the way she does but also, as she says her self, because she was a ‘non-conformist’ who did it her way.

Apart from her own writings in Irish magazines on sustainable living and her books documenting of traditional crafts, she has featured in many articles and interviews about her life choices. Such as two in the Irish Times on green burial and off-grid living (a piece that also features Steve Golemboski-Byrne whom I also interviewed published later in this thread).

She most recently appeared on British television as sensationally described in this article because she was characteristically shocking when talking about what she missed about Jeremiah Hoad, Jerry, her beloved artist husband.

Judith is a true Cailleach. When I once told her of how much I was drawn to her wisdom, she replied we are drawn to those most like who we are becoming. At the time I found that reply very comforting as I struggled in the menopausal transition from middle age to baby elder.

In my conversation with Judith I wanted to ask her about the journey rather than the destination because she started over so many times constantly growing herself – not up – just growing.

This podcast published over a year is about finding my inner Cailleach and also perhaps to create new connections to those for whom something from it resonates.

I hope you find Judith as inspiring as I as many others have.

2 thoughts on “Judith Hoad Interview

  1. So lovely to come across this fabulous podcast. I remember watching Judith on a Ben Fogle programme a few years ago now and often re watch the episode as i find Judith so inspiring. I shall also listen to this podcast again and again. Here’s to many more years of good health to Judith.
    Thank you for sharing


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