Interview with Hannah Mole

I’ve been learning, collaborating, teaching and having fun with Hannah Mole of Earthcare since I met her while teaching Greenworks Permaculture courses more than 10 years ago. I appreciate her avoidance of dogma by continually questioning any bubble or worldview. At the same time, Hannah’s actions in the world of Permaculture contribute to land andContinue reading “Interview with Hannah Mole”

Morag Gamble interview

There is a principle in Permaculture called “Stacking” that refers to the efficiency in natural systems of elements carrying out more than one function or making use of energy in multiple dimensions. This interview with Morag was carried out while Morag interviewed me for her podcast Sensemaker in a Changing World. We covered a lotContinue reading “Morag Gamble interview”

Interview 3 Denise of Votive Illustration

This interview seems particularly poignant to be publishing on AntiRacismDay 21st March, 2o21 given Denise’s strong desire to centre those who still suffer the worst impacts of past and current Colonialism. If you want to find out more about BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Colour) organisations you might find this website and its links helpful.Continue reading “Interview 3 Denise of Votive Illustration”

Interview with Joanne Butler

The vervacious and consistently upbeat and passionate Joanne tells the her story in this episode from a gift of cabbages (I have always thought this appropriate as she lives a place that has a famous Irish cabbage named after it the Gortahork Cabbage) to the setting up of OURganic Gardens in Donegal. Joanne and IContinue reading “Interview with Joanne Butler”