Identity 2 (Mine)

I tried in this episode to examine the impact of growing up in Northern Ireland from the perspective of a child in the quiet town of Bangor. Which things around me made both conscious and unconscious impressions even from this distance from what have always been known in my community as “The Troubles.”

To learn more about this period )1970’s) as context I would recommend Dervla Murphy’s book, A Place Apart, which had a role in my falling for my husband because when we were still just flirting I mentioned this and he went and got the book from the library and read it in a week!

The rally I mention was by the Peace People you can read about the tragic beginning and Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan work afterwards here. I mistakenly named Bernadette McAliskey who was also prominent in politics in the North at the time but in fact was skeptical of the approach to peace by the Peace People. This article discusses some of that context.

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