Interview with Joanne Butler

The vervacious and consistently upbeat and passionate Joanne tells the her story in this episode from a gift of cabbages (I have always thought this appropriate as she lives a place that has a famous Irish cabbage named after it the Gortahork Cabbage) to the setting up of OURganic Gardens in Donegal.

Joanne and I both worked to support another force of nature Dee Sewell of Greenside up in setting up Community Gardens Ireland as we were all involved in starting local community gardens and teaching growing in them, Joanne in Donegal me in Wicklow and Dee in Carlow. This article by Davie Philips of Cloughjordan eco-village features us all when we were together at the Global Green for the Electric Picnic.

Joanne is an occasional tutor with us on our permaculture courses at Carraig Dúlra.

If you want some help learning organic gardening Joanne runs lots of online and in person gardening tutorials and courses.

Other ways to learn gardening are watching video shorts from Dee and another past participant in our Permaculture Courses Pat Hunt. Between all of them and GIY’s TV programmes there are lots of ways to follow in Joanne’s footsteps and find a passion for growing.

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